Friday, 20 March 2015

Experimenting with Colour and some Random Doodles

Like most creative people I seem to acquire odds and ends of all kinds, I have only been living here a couple of months but this workspace sort of organically grew of its own accord. It was just a desk with a printer on it when I moved in, but I find it hard to live anywhere without leaving my paw prints EVERYWHERE!

My workspace with the shelf I "made" from a piece of wood I found (with striped washi tape stuck to the side) and sat on books and vintage tins.

I have always been a doodler. As a teenager it was Manga cartoons (I was born in Tokyo and this was my way of connecting with that I think!), but of course this changed and mellowed out with age. I have dabbled a bit with watercolours, but mostly use promarkers and biros or fine liners for my drawings. But after watching a few videos on youtube about Distress Inks (which I use on my Etsy creations, see here), I decided that wonderful things must come if I start combining all three. So I started experimenting... Here are some of these experiments.

I have mixed feelings about this. Its a bit too yellow. But I was listening to a song, Psycho Cinderella by Soan and it made me think of mushrooms, not really clear why but it did. Here, have a listen...

Maybe it is all the singing about butterflies smoking that made me think of Alice. Who knows. But it seemed to make sense at the time. And it meant I could have a go at using distress inks for solid backgrounds as I really hate drawing on white, its so much more stressful than on a texture. I just sort of swiped the pads over it, threw some water at it and let it dry before drawing on top then painting. I used the markers a bit too... Was ok I guess.

This was the excess ink from the picture above, I used some paper to press over the top and pulled it away and was left with this, which I thought had beautiful potential...! It did!

This was done on one piece. I love how the ink shows through on her skirt and gives the background more interest. It was inspired by a picture by Saatchi, only I made her a red head because I am a little obsessed to say the least. Also she has no hands. I can't draw hands.

I started this too. This involved the gouache also. And some gold ceramic paint. It kinda moprhed....

Maybe it needs more something. I am not sure. But I like some of the ideas here. Like the dots texture in the top right hand corner. The top half gives me more ideas for sure.

Here is my new little friend. Inspired by a Supakitch tattoo. I have a bit of a love for Supakitch's art, I would love to have some in my room, this is the closest I get for now. The moon is water colour and the rest is promarker. I am actually thinking of having this printed onto a case for my phone. Anyone that knows me in real life will know how I have a tendency to personalize EVERYTHING. Whether it be my jacket, backpack or laptop... It all has a OrchidsHeart touch to it. 

I have plenty more sketches that are a WIP, and some older ones too.... Maybe I will share more at some point. We shall see.

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