Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Acquisition and Alteration of an Antique Blouse

I can't help but feel I should have found a garment name starting with an "A" to finish that heading  ^-^ Ah well!

I recently found this beautiful little top on Etsy but knew from the measurements that when it arrived, the bottom band would be too tight to fit comfortably. But as you know, this never stops me from buying pretty clothes....

It is very old, the seller said 1910s, and as such had a few marks on it.

I didn't make any effort to remove the marks, I figured they would fade with time, plus it seems part of its history to me.

 The top is basically one piece that goes over the head, with buttons under the arm to hold it together and then on the band. Though it fits on the bust and everywhere else, the band is just too tight so I decided to alter it a bit.

I raided my antique lace stash and cut off two pieces that would fit from the underarm button to the band, hemmed them and stitched them to one side of the top.

I then added a popper to the side that wasn't fixed. So that I could still get it on and off easily.

So it looked like this. Under the button, on the inside is the popper fastening. It stays closed and the lace peaks out. Kinda perfect I think. 

Well almost.

I ended up adding some touches of red. The button is actually on the back. I am quite tempted to embroider some daisies on the front band in pale blue. But it hasn't happened yet....

For now it is finished.



Side detail.

I am looking forward to hot summer days and picnics in the park for this one.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Learning to Crochet: The Haphazard Metro Scarf

Just a quickie... Lots to share with you guys and very little time.

So my laptop kind broke.... Rather phenomenally. So after a huge bust up with Amazon, I waiting for my lovely, talented pawed special person to fix it for me. Meanwhile I have been finding other ways to entertain myself. Including learning to crochet.....

I did most of it on the metro using left over balls and so had to utilize this cute fox peg to keep it all in place when it was shoved in my bag. It kinda too me a while to get the hang of it too. As you can see from the dodgy end...!

(The flowers are the handiwork of my mother, less of a novice than I)

A lot of technology deprivation later.... It is now a scarf. I want to learn how to do other things, like a jumper, but honestly I am not sure I have the skills yet... Been trying to read some patterns and its like reading Alien speak. *sigh*

I have so many more pretty pics to share with you soon......

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