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Ophelia (aka Fee, OrchidsHeart or Fantastic Mr Fox) up and moved to Paris in January 2014 with the intention of studying literature for three months and has been there ever since. 

For the first seven months she called a topsy turvey and obscure artist community her home. Affectionately dubbed "The Rabbit Warren" due to its complicated layout and tunnel-esque structure, she shared her home with an eclectic group of people ranging in numbers from 15 to 21 people at any given time. The kind of place where you could not even expect the doors to remain in the same place for long, it was not far off from falling down the rabbit hole and waking up in wonderland, wondering exactly where you might be (and surely not still in Paris...?).

Follow the little white rabbits....
During this somewhat surreal time, Ophelia discovered the wonderful world of urbex (urban exploring to the uninitiated), the Paris underground (no NOT the metro, les catacombes!), and a bundle of truly intriguing people along the way. Armed with various cameras and whatnot she set out to discover as much as possible and is still going on this quest (see this blog here for photos and scribbles). 

Taken by a partner in crime
Spending her time feeling perpetually concussed from the fall into wonderland, she is forever getting lost and discovering new things. Or acquiring junk to turn into treasure, which is somewhat what this blog is dedicated to. The creative side of Ophelia and the world of OrchidsHeart.

Now she lives a little more in the real world, no longer in the curious Rabbit Warren, but lodges in an apartment that can only be described to be like walking onto the set of an 1920s French film. Eclectic is an understatement. She dreams of her own place and one day sharing her studio with like minded people and the skills she has acquired on this wonderful journey.

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