Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I think it is good to make use of old things, found things and breathe life into the forgotten...

Yes this is me, nice to meet you. This is prob the most you will see of me....

For one reason or another I have always been thrifty, brought up in a household where nearly everything was salvaged somehow by my mother (given a lick of paint, some fairy lights thrown over it, a few blankets etc), I was taught from an early age how nearly anything can be re-used. But it wasn't until I learnt how to use a sewing machine that I really got into it, then there was no stopping me, we are talking fairy costumes, then corsets, then fox masks, strange ceiling sculptures and all sorts. I think she was a bit relieved when I finally left home. 

Students notoriously live on nothing and in ugly places, well I am not good with the latter, so while dragging sewing machines and suitcases of paint to uni was not really viable, I found other, TEMPORARY ways of combating the neglected student digs. THEN GUESS WHAT? I fled good ol' England and ended up in Paris, still a student, living in what can only be described as bizarre. The Rabbit Warren (affectionately dubbed by moi, truth be told there were a lot of problems and this made it sound a bit better..!), was made and furnished by all things found and up-cycled. I mean EVERYTHING. My bed was a mattress on some wooden pallets and my dressing table an industrial sized cotton reel -- I am guessing used for electrical cables. But you know what? It was awesome.

So here I am now, for reasons mostly involving not enough sunlight (there were not many windows in there), in a real flat in Paris. Though it is not my own and I yearn for my own space, but in the mean time I am slowly preparing by collecting and making little bits n pieces, because maybe, just maybe, I will get to move out, and when I do I will probably still be broke and I will be thankful I pooled all my know-how here to share with you all.

So watch out over the next few weeks as I post tutorials and pictures of all my projects. Eeep.

Ophelia x

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